Northern California is home to one of the most plentiful chess regions in the United States.   We are one of the top five states* in membership in the U.S. Chess Federation.  

We have dozens of local chess clubs in our club list that you can drop in and enjoy a casual game.   The Mechanic's Institute Chess Club   in downtown San Francisco is in fact the oldest chess club in the U.S.   If you are serious about some competition, look at our tournament page as there is a chess tournament for almost every weekend in the year.   We have several of the top scholastic players in the United States and a few of them are even World Champion caliber for their age group.

* USCF considers Northern and Southern California two different states.

Bids for 2014 CalChess Grade Level being accepted
by Tom Langland
CalChess is now accepting formal proposals from chess tournament organizers to coordinate and manage our 2014 State Grade Level Chess Championships usually held in December.
Submit your bid!!
We invite interested organizers to submit a proposal to CalChess by Saturday September 6th, 2014, for consideration. Even if you are not interested in submitting a proposal yourself, if you are aware of a group that might be interested, we encourage you to share this announcement with them. Read More
CalChess 2014 Annual General Meeting Date Set
by Tom Langland
The CalChess Board of Directors has selected Saturday, August 30, 2014 as the date of the next CalChess Annual General Meeting. The meeting will start at 7:00PM. The location is still being determined but will either be at the Berkeley Chess School located at 1581 Le Roy Ave, Berkeley, California , or the Santa Clara Convention Center located at 5001 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA. This will hopefully be in conjunction with the annual CalChess Labor Day State Open Championship Tournament held in Santa Clara.
Vote for your favorite Board Member
During this meeting the elections for the CalChess Board of Directors will take place. Candidates and voters must be members in good standing to be placed on the ballot or to vote. Candidates and voters should review the CalChess Bylaws for eligibility. Read More

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Re-Birth of the CCJ
The CalChess Board of Directors has voted to start publishing the California Chess Journal again. In March, Eric Schiller created a Winter 2009 issue ( see back issues), later we had well-known writer Frisco Del Rosario create a Summer 2010, up to January 2011 issue. Next we had the young and talented Aditya Kumar as editor for two issues in 2012. Now we have Scott Mason taking over for a few issues, the latest you will see below. With your support, we are hoping to continue publishing an electronic version four times a year. Once we get this established, issues will be FREE and emailed to all current CalChess members.

If you are interested in receiving a copy, make sure your membership is up-to-date, by checking for your name on the Membership List. We will also publish back issues on the website, and if CalChess has the financial resources, you may see some printed issues you can pick up (for free) at your local tournament!